Fun Vine Video Styles for Public Health

The new mobile video app, Vine, burst onto the social media scene in late January 2013 when Twitter acquired and integrated it into their microblogging site. A free video-sharing platform, Vine has distinguished itself in the social space by relying on brevity with videos limited to 6 seconds in length. Much like early adopters of Twitter, Vine users have dazzled viewers with just how much creativity, innovation, and information they can pack into one 6-second clip. Resource-strapped groups can use the app to record and publish engaging content—all within one app.

While questions surfaced in mid-February regarding the new tool’s security, GSA approved the use of Vine by federal users, and several videos have emerged in recent weeks from across agencies, including NASA, the Interior Department, and So, not to be outdone, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Vine styles below for use within public health.

The Sketch Artist

This video style is great for representing checklists, textual information like hashtags and weblinks, and showcasing the development of other visuals like brainstorming sessions.

Public health use case: CDC’s NPIN used the sketch artist style by merging several quick recordings together to show development of a checklist for their webcast series.

NPIN Vine 1

(Click on image above to view Vine video)

The Magician

Stop-motion recording is a great way to condense action that happens over an extended, more-than-6-second period of time, by suggesting the movement of inanimate objects using quick clips.

Public health use case: Youth Against AIDS followers showed the elimination of HIV with a Pac-man-style head eating away at the word representing it.

NPIN Vine 2

(Click on image above to view Vine video)

The Tour Guide

Viewers love getting a sneak peek, so give them the inside scoop by previewing event preparations, product rollouts, or by giving tours of your office.

Public health use case: CDC’s NPIN generated buzz about their upcoming webcast by showing the set-up process of equipment required for the event.

NPIN Vine 3

(Click on image above to view Vine video)

The Teacher

With these short, looping videos, Vine is great for showing viewers how to perform simple but important behaviors, like how to lay a baby in a crib or how to make a fruit smoothie.

Public health use case: This Vine’r teaches viewers a quick and easy way to get energy at work by running in place.

NPIN Vine 4

(Click on image above to view Vine video)

The Prop Master

Using a prop in a video is a great way to easily represent big ideas quickly, especially when paired with a statistic to increase health topic awareness.

Public health use case: This Vine’r slowly reveals a tobacco death rate statistic (“Tobacco kills every 6 seconds”) with a burning cigarette. (We also really like their clever incorporation of a statistic that also relates to the video length.)

NPIN Vine 5

(Click on image above to view Vine video)

Bonus: The Mini-sode

We haven’t found a public health version of it yet, but we’d love to see your ideas about how to create a series of related Vine episodes. These Tribeca Film Festival finalists, however, show some adventures of a Lego Batman, book beetle, and wooden Pygmalion characters.

By Katy Capers


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