Bringing Social Media to Life: Danya’s Social Media Day 2012

EVENT UPDATE – Google Seminar Just Added to Danya’s Social Media Day Lineup!

Google’s New Data: A Day in the Life of Today’s Teens (2 p.m.)

Growth in online video and use of social media and mobile technologies are changing the way Americans engage online, and leading these new trends are today’s teens. Dubbed “digital natives,” teens and twenty-somethings are spending an unprecedented amount of time online. This hyperdigital environment presents a challenge for those tasked with reaching youth, but it also creates new, untapped opportunities to engage and affect them.  Join us in Atlanta for this presentation by Google’s Roy Daiany to better understand how they behave online, how they consume information, what ultimately influences their decisions, and examples of how digital media can engage today’s teens.

Drop-in anytime from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for Social Media Day, and stick around for the Google seminar starting at our offices at 2 p.m. Danya’s Atlanta address is 9 Corporate Blvd (Corporate Square Campus).

Social media—certainly mysterious, maddening beasts for some people—have all but taken over the world, seeping from our personal to professional lives into corporate strategies, communication briefs, and—yep, you guessed it—health communication. Still, even for the most advanced user, social media tools are a bit nebulous at times. Which channels do what? How do you measure their impact? What are the risks? What does all that digital jargon really mean? And how on earth is social media influencing health revolutions? At Danya, we’ve decided to strip away all the confusion surrounding social media and truly make these tools come to life with a free, one-stop, one-day event on all things digital with Social Media Day 2012 on September 27 from 10:00 AM–2:00 PM. Both digital newbies and gurus alike can drop in anytime during the 4-hour digital celebration to learn today’s trends and what’s next in the digital world. From the classics like Facebook and Twitter—which together amass more than 700 million active users daily—to the new kids on the block like Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll get a full view of some of today’s most popular social media. Danya digital experts will provide background, case studies, and best practices in using social media including Facebook, FourSquare, gaming, Google Plus, Instagram, mobile technology, Pinterest, Spotify, and Twitter. Social Media Day At-a-Glance Date: Thursday, September 27 Time: 10:00 AM–2:00 PM (drop-in) Place: Danya International, Inc., 9 Corporate Blvd in Corporate Square, Atlanta, GA 30329 Who: Open to the public Cost: Free Be sure to RSVP for you and your guests for the Social Media Day event and the kickoff for our social media seminar series that will follow it at 2:00 PM. Keep up with of all Social Media Day updates on this blog, at our @DanyaIntlTwitter account, and by following the event live on Twitter at #smday.


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