Inside Story: The Premiere

Danya’s Atlanta office managing director Janice Nall and senior director Erin Edgerton with Inside Story’s star Kevin Ndege Maboleo

Danya had the honor of partnering with Discovery Communications’ Global Education Partnership (DCGEP) and the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum to host a screening of the film Inside Story last night in Atlanta, Georgia.

DCGEP president and Inside Story executive producer Aric Noboa, CDC’s Director of the Center for Global Health Dr. Kevin DeCock, actor Kevin Ndege Maboleo, Danya CEO Dr. Jeff Hoffman, and Jimmy Carter Center Library and Museum director Dr. Jay Hakes

Last night’s attendees included public health professionals from CDC and other organizations, and also featured opening remarks from CDC’s Director of the Center for Global Health, Dr. Kevin DeCock.

Dr. Kevin DeCock discusses the history and current state of HIV and AIDS before the film begins

Inside Story follows the journey of Kalu (Kevin Ndege Maboleo), a talented soccer player from Kenya who moves to Johannesburg to play for a professional team and then learns he is HIV positive. The film tracks Kalu’s struggles on and off the soccer field, as well as inside his body, and culminates as Kalu triumphs over his struggles and realizes that knowledge is power in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

This groundbreaking film combines the best of fiction and non-fiction storytelling to unravel the mystery of HIV and will be shown to millions of African audiences with the goal of empowering them with the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with DCGEP president and executive producer Aric Noboa, the film’s star, Dr. DeCock, and actor Kevin Ndege Maboleo.

The film was very well received and everyone had a great time!

Danya Atlanta staff having a great time at the screening

Photo credit: Robb D. Cohen


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