Welcome, Janice and Erin!

Danya recently hired two senior leaders for its executive staff. Janice R. Nall has joined the firm as the Managing Director, Atlanta, where she will provide strategic leadership and vision for the Atlanta operation as well as serve as Danya’s Vice President of Health Marketing and Communications. With extensive experience in government information technologies, digital communications, health marketing, and user experience, Ms. Nall will lead Danya’s social media, mobility, web, and other digital practices in health communications and marketing, emergency communications, and other priority information technology (IT) areas in the public health communication/marketing field.

In addition, Danya recently hired Erin M. Edgerton as Senior Director, Health Marketing and Communications. Based in the Atlanta office, Ms. Edgerton will lead Danya’s focus on leveraging emerging technology for use in health communication campaigns and behavior change programs. She will work across Danya to develop comprehensive digital media strategies, advance the use of mobile technologies, build the foundation of research-based innovation, and manage the corporate social media strategy.


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