Global Health in Action Facebook Photo Contest: Winners Announced!

Global Health in Action recently announced the winners of its second Facebook contest. The contest asked fans to submit original photos of anything they regarded as global health in action. Photo subjects could include volunteer/Peace Corps experiences, classes, study abroad programs, and other activities involving global health. For a month and a half, fans were able to submit their photos and vote “Love it” or “Leave it”—up to three times a day—for the entries. The contest received 16 submissions and more than 500 total votes.

The winning submission (below) was entered by Saeed Khan, with a total of 288 votes. His entry was captioned, “Helping Flood Victims: Helping the Ones In Need — Providing Rations & Supplies To Flood Survivors.”

The second place entry (below) was submitted by Eunice Cacatian. Her photo was captioned, “Filariasis Campaign: These pictures were taken at Antipuluan Elementary in Narra, Palawan, Philippines during my work assignment at Narra Rural Health Unit. During the Information Campaign Drive, we shared some facts about Filariasis and how it can be prevented—afterwards they were given DEC tablets.”

Khan won an iPad 2 and Cacatian won an iPod touch.

Every entry showcased the dedicated volunteer work that the Global Health in Action fans perform, as well as the various plights they have witnessed around the world. The remaining entries can be viewed in the slideshow below.

Congratulations again to Saeed and Eunice!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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