Global Health in Action Contest Winner

Global Health in Action, a Facebook campaign aimed at college students with an interest in global health issues, recently successfully completed its first Facebook contest. The contest asked fans to submit stories of their personal experiences with global health. These could include volunteer experiences, classes, study abroad programs, etc. Fans were able to submit their entries for 2 months and then were asked to vote up to three times a day for 6 days for their favorite stories. There were 19 submissions and 2,000 total votes. The winning submission was entered by Kimberly Butler, with a total of 788 votes. Her entry was as follows:

I think it is extremely important to do our part, as youth, to increase the global health of the world. I’ve been volunteering for the past 5 years with a great local group that supports sustainable development projects and friendship by exchanging visitors between my local community in Massachusetts and a local community in Kenya. We raise funds for our friends in Kenya and have done many great projects there. We have bought mattresses for a whole orphanage and also have developed a reliable source of clean water, a project that began before I started volunteering and ended in 2007. I continue to support my local group and do whatever I can to raise funds. This is my small part in increasing the global health of the world.

Butler won an iPad 2 and the runner-up, with 475 votes, Brittany Hayes, received a gift certificate.  Thank you to Butler and Hayes, as well as everyone else who submitted stories and voted!


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