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Welcome to the Danya International Blog! This is a place where we will discuss issues related to Danya’s business, mission, interests, and concerns. Blogs will be written by our CEO, other corporate executives, leaders, and managers, as well as individual staff who would like to contribute their thoughts, opinions, research, and other information that may be of interest to our clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. We welcome your comments and questions on our blog postings and only ask that you follow standard blog etiquette, or blogtiquette. Thank you very much!


One thought on “Welcome to Danya’s Blog

  1. Tremendously timely article.
    Terrific to see exposed the self-selection to other intervention programs by members of supposed “control group” as defined by the Foundry Organization, making its claims, as noted, deeply flawed.
    Not only are Head Start Programs providing benefits to actual children served, the large number of programs which offer parenting skills training are improving family systems which greatly impact the individual resiliency and efficacy outcomes for other family members as well.
    The personal stories of success are the true metrics of Head Start worth.
    Thank you, Danya for making these results more visible.

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